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Blandford is home to the Blandford Ski Area and the Blandford Club, which celebrated its 100th year anniversary in 2009. Blandford is a community of dairy farms and orchards. The town center boasts a cluster of handsome historic buildings including the White Church of Blandford.

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Chester is a rural community known as the “Gem of the Valley” with a proud history of the granite and emery industries. The town’s vision focuses on preserving its rural character and scenic beauty, and balancing residential growth and economic development. In a region noted for its nationally acclaimed theater companies, Chester Theatre Company productions have won top honors among the best of the Berkshires.

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Granville is a small town rich in history and tradition. In addition to classic 18th century architecture, Granville boasts some of the most productive apple orchards in western Massachusetts. The town is also locally known for its cheese.

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Huntington is a bedroom community often called “The Gateway to the Berkshires,” and is home to the Knightville and Littleville Dams, Gardner State Park, and the oldest continuously run whitewater race in the U.S.

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Montgomery was, until fairly recently, a farming community. Small businesses include construction equipment, local artisans, family day cares, and a nursing home.

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Russell and Woronoco are deep valley towns along the swift Westfield River that once used the power of three cascades to generate mill industry. Today, they are scenic bedroom communities that have close business ties to Westfield.

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Southwick is the southernmost town in western Massachusetts, nestled in the Pioneer Valley with the Congamond Lakes on the south side and the Sodom Mountain Range in the west. Because it is a growing community of upscale homes, businesses are thriving in the downtown area.

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Tolland is a rural hilltown located on the Farmington River. The economy is based on cattle, dairy, maple syrup and apple harvests. Tolland has the distinction of being the 10th smallest community in the Commonwealth.

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Westfield, known as the "Whip City" for its 19th century production of buggy whips, is home to such landmarks as Westfield State College, Stanley Park, Barnes Municipal Airport (home of the 104th Fighter Wing), Columbia Manufacturing, Amelia Park Arena and Children’s Museum, and Bullens Field. Convenient access to east-west and north-south interstate highways has contributed to the city’s population and business growth in recent years.

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