Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce

Whip City Fiber is All About Service!

By now we trust that you’ve heard our name: Whip City Fiber. Some lucky people are already Whip City Fiber customers, getting the fastest internet in Westfield from our dedicated local team. Some others are anxiously waiting for their turn. Our installers are rolling out service as quickly as they can.

Most people have had a cable internet connection for many years. Sometimes it feels daunting to change something you’ve become so comfortable with. Maybe it seems like a hassle. So why are so many people and businesses taking the leap and changing over to Whip City Fiber?

Our customers, both residential and commercial, are taking full advantage the benefits of high-speed internet (up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download). There’s plenty of bandwidth for a busy office or home. Customers who are streaming video or uploading and downloading large files don’t have buffering in their service. The speed is fast and the local service, from application to installation to tech support, is top notch. Whip City Fiber is available at a nation-wide low price for this service speed. With no equipment charges and no contracts, we think it’s a deal that can’t be beat.  

But there is something else. Whip City Fiber is your hometown internet provider. This business is built to do good things for everyone in Westfield, residents and businesses alike. Dollars spent on this service are reinvested right here in the community. As an organization, we are committed to giving back to Westfield. This month alone we’ve served dinner at the Westfield Soup Kitchen, installed lights at little league fields for night games, and provided the transportation for over 600 Westfield High School and Technical Academy students to attend the first ever career fair, successfully organized by the Westfield Education to Business Alliance (WE2BA). These are just a few of the powerful ways we contribute to the community each year. 

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