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Westfield State Holds Cross Cultural Symposium

Westfield State University will continue its spring 2017 Guest Lecture Series with “Literature, Gender, and Culture: A Cross-Cultural Conversation,” featuring keynote speaker Dr. Keisha Khan-Perry. The event will be held on Friday, March 31 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Scanlon Banquet Hall.

Dr. Keisha Khan-Perry is currently an associate professor of Africana Studies at Brown University. She specializes in the studies of black women’s activism, urban geography, feminist theories, intellectual history and disciplinary formations. She is an accomplished author and has recently published “Black Women against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil,” a book that focuses on the activism of black women working in Brazilian cities. Dr. Khan-Perry has traveled to and performed research in Brazil, Argentina, Jamaica, and Mexico.

“This is one way that we believe that teaching, scholarship, and service come together to diversify and internationalize our campus,” says Dr. Carol Bailey, associate professor of English and the organizer of the Cross-Cultural Symposium. The symposium will focus on anthropology, literature, and communications regarding Brazil and Haiti.

Following Khan-Perry’s remarks, there will be an interdisciplinary panel of speakers, including Dr. Ana Emlinger, associate professor of Geography and Regional Planning at Westfield State; Mr. David Cisek, a graduate student at Westfield State; Dr. Regine Jean-Charles, associate professor of Romance Languages and Literature at Boston College; and Dr. Cheryl Sterling, associate professor of English at the City College of New York.

The event will close with a keynote presentation by Dr. Millery Polyné, the associate dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs at the NYU Gallatin School. Polyné’s academic interests include Haitian history, the history of U.S. African American and Afro-Caribbean intellectual thought, and human rights and dictatorships. He has published articles in publications such as Caribbean Studies and the Journal of Haitian Studies.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, please visit

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