Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce

Westfield Named Among 30 Safest College Towns in America

Westfield has been named the fourth safest college town in Massachusetts and it ranked 27th  in the nation, according to a recent report by SafeWise.

The 30 Safest College Towns for 2017 was compiled based upon the most recent FBI crime date from 2015 to develop SafeWise’s fourth annual report. The total number of crimes committed in each city with at least one accredited academic institution of higher learning were calculated, and those numbers were weighed in relation to population figures and other important factors.

“With a prioritized commitment to the safety and security of our students, we take great pride in our campus safety,” said President Ramon S. Torrecilha, Ph.D. “We are fortunate to be located in a safe, residential area of a small city in Western Massachusetts. Our campus and surrounding community, including the adjacent 300-acre Stanley Park, are often mentioned by residents and visitors as highlights of the area.”

President Torrecilha explained that the University Police enjoys close collaboration with the City of Westfield Police Department on preventative and reactive measures of security and safety that affect the area.

The City of Westfield and the University have a unique relationship. We are able to support each other in many ways. Safety and security is the first priority. Our City Police Department does an excellent job at keeping our residents and students safe, and responding with mutual assistance when necessary. This recognition is a positive reflection on both organizations,” said City of Westfield Mayor Brian P. Sullivan.

Among Massachusetts college towns, only Amherst (#4), Waltham (#13), and Medford (#21) finished ahead of Westfield, noted for its inclusive practices and proactive approach to campus safety, its Community Police Resource Center and a low number of violent crimes reported.

SafeWise is a home security and safety resource committed to increasing safety education, awareness and preparedness in American communities. It has been recognized by several reputable publications including The Huffington Post, Angie’s List, Mashable, U.S. News & World Report, and, for its home security brand comparisons and safest cities reports.

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