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UPENDO TEAM 2018 (New Life Christian Center MA. and North Kingstown Assemblies of God R.I.)

This summer of 2018, a group of 17 people from two churches (New Life Christian Center MA. & North Kingstown Assemblies of God R.I.) Joined efforts and flew to Molo, Kenya. Africa, from June 24th to July 3rd. The main purpose for this short-term mission’s trip was to restore hope to orphans and vulnerable Children in Molo by dedicating and opening an orphanage and a soup kitchen. This has been a long time coming vision for Zippie Irari a member of New Life Christian Center and with much help from her church, family and friends, this vision has come to fruition. Pastor Wayne Hartsgrove, senior pastor New Life Christian Center has played a huge part in this, he had a passion for Africa for over 40 years and has been to Kenya three times. In 2016, he dedicated and broke ground where this orphanage stands. The orphanage is set to house 40 children.

On June 27th 2018, the group and with the Molo Community dedicated the three-story building and on June 30th 2018 had a grand opening ceremony and served over five hundred Molo community and vulnerable children. For more information on upcoming missions trips, how to get involved, quarterly newsletters, monthly updates, please log on to and subscribe, please like us on Facebook under call of Molo.


From back left: Bill West jr., Kaitlyn Stiles, Laura Coleman, Julie Clark, Maryann Cooke, Steve Briggs, Pastor Wayne Hartsgrove, Pastor Jonathan Angell, Pastor James Danio, Jeremy Rivest. From front left: Cindy Spencer, Elizabeth Yena, Elizabeth Hoffman, Lynn Beaupre, Jose Eduardo, Kathleen Mainor, Zippie Irari.


The three-story building with some vulnerable children of Molo.

Team Members feeding during the grand opening
Feeding the vulnerable children of Molo.  These children received clothing and shoes as well as candy. It was a day full of joy and blessings.

Plaque of honor

Crowning the Kitchen with New Life Christian Center.

A few other plaques of honor include: my mom's Alice Irari wing is the girl's wing( top floor), my dad Irari Mugo Wing is the boy's wing(middle floor).

Main Office - Pastor Wayne and Gail Hartsgrove,  Main Dining Hall- Jack and Janet McRobbie, Nursing office- Ruth Evans,  Food Pantry Maribel Marrero,  2 huge boys bedrooms each named, Tito and Wanda Rodriguez and Jason and Nicole Hoffman respectively.  2 huge girls bedrooms each named Roger and Gayle Cortis and Kermit and Laurie Kincaid respectively.  Both guest rooms, for men and women, were named after my sister's - Priscilla, Frida, Mercy, and brother Hezron for their tireless support.

Lastly, Prayer and Faith has played a big role in the building of this orphanage and we have a 'war room' in the downstairs closet for prayers just like in the movie war room.

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