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The Gaudreau Group Renews Five Star Designation

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA), is proud to announce that The Gaudreau Group of Wilbraham, MA has renewed their Five Star Agency Designation.  They have been a Five Star Agency since 2003 and continue to demonstrate excellence in the five imperatives associated with the designation:  Customer Focus, Management/Leadership, Human Resource, Product & Process and Future Success Initiatives. 

“When looking at this Agency today versus the Agency that was awarded the initial Five Star Agency Designation there are dramatic differences.  The agency has a new location and larger building, has twice as many staff and has more than doubled the volume of business and strengthened its business results. They’ve made significant investments in technology advancements, hiring outstanding new employees, processes/procedures improvement initiatives to be more efficient and effective, and establishing a dedicated marketing resource.  All of these investments have improved the overall culture, and at the same time they’ve maintained long-time positives such as the same dedicated owner, a number of long term staff members, many long-term customers, excellent customer service and the strong desire by all for excellence within the Agency.  As a result, The Gaudreau Group is certainly a great Agency and highly deserving of the continuation of its Five Star Agency Designation.” stated Heather Kramer, Vice President and COO of MAIA.

The owner and president of The Gaudreau Group, Jules Gaudreau, is passionate in ensuring that his agency is indeed a great agency.  He continually seeks out ways to improve practices and programs and implements strategies that can make The Gaudreau Group better.  His management team and staff have embraced this philosophy, and they strive to ensure that their actions always have the best interests of their customers and partners at heart.  The idea of continuous improvement is ingrained in the way they carry out their business day to day.  

Gaudreau said “It is humbling to have an outside entity come into the agency and then open up everything to them, but it is also a truly effective way to take a good look at your agency and see if what you are doing really matters.  To get affirmation from an outside entity that our efforts do matter and differentiate us from the rest is validating.  We do have the best staff, and they provide the best service and counsel possible to our clients.  What matters to our customers really does matter to us, and we live by our mission of helping our clients discover, protect and enhance the people, places and things that are important to them.”

MAIA awards the Five Star Agency Designation to independent agencies that go through a vigorous review based on key criteria that affect an insurance agency and how it operates.  Upon earning a qualifying score, an agency becomes a Five Star Agency Designee and must go through an intensive review process every 3 years to again prove that they continue to provide superior service, knowledge and value.  It is a very select group that has attained this designation.

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