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Stevens 470 Launches Multichannel Marketing Programs

Stevens 470 Marketing & Creative has launched the Execute for Success marketing training programs. The programs focus on clarifying your business objectives, understanding your multichannel marketing options and then developing and executing plans to reach your specific goals. The programs provide hands-on training and ongoing marketing support.

Solving Your Marketing Chalenges

With over 20 years of experience working with clients in the areas of marketing and design, Tina Stevens developed Execute for Success to solve several marketing challenges. The first challenge is developing, and then consistently executing, an effective marketing plan. Second, there is a lot of confusion around the evolving online marketing channels and how to effectively incorporate them into the marketing mix. Third, many companies assign marketing activities to staff that are not trained in multichannel marketing so they have difficulty developing and sustaining a successful program.

Execute for Success will address those challenges and provide multichannel marketing information that can be immediately used in today’s competitive marketplace. By training yourself and your key staff in progressive marketing techniques you can create an ongoing marketing process that will move you forward and generate results from your investments. While marketing has gotten more complex, there are extensive opportunities to utilize the new online channels to build customer relationships and increase sales.

Execute for Success is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and empowering businesses to reach their full potential by using every appropriate marketing channel. There are several programs currently available, full details are available at

• Multichannel Marketing Plans

• Educational Seminars 

• Marathon Marketing Program

• Online Content Strategy

• Brand Development

Tina Stevens is the Principal and Creative Director of Stevens 470, a full-service marketing, design, and web development agency. Tina holds an MA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University and has extensive expertise in strategic marketing for both online and offline channels. Working as an entrepreneur for over 30 years, she has a real world perspective on business management and the role of marketing and design in business success. Tina works closely with her clients to fully explore their business possibilities and strategically plans and oversees the execution of their multichannel marketing programs.

Please visit for details or contact Tina Stevens at 413.568.2660 or

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