Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce


The individual in question that prompted the lockdown at the Westfield State University campus contacted the campus police department last night to state that he believed he was the person identified as the source of concern.  He was directed to appear at the campus police station last night and fully cooperated.  He appeared in the same clothing he was wearing earlier in the day, comprised of a black trench coat, black pants, bulging backpack and a vest, which was neither a bullet-proof vest nor body armor.

It has been determined that this individual poses no threat to the university community.  Two students who made the identification yesterday reviewed the photo of this individual and confirmed that this was the individual observed yesterday.

The university thanks the campus community for its vigilance.  It is this vigilance that leads to a safe and secure community.  We are very grateful for all of the assistance received from the Massachusetts State Police, the City of Westfield Police Department, and the hard work by our campus police.


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