Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce

Savings for Westfield!

Whip City Fiber, powered by Westfield Gas + Electric, has been bringing high-speed internet to Westfield for over a year and a half now. Our customers are realizing the benefits of 1 gigabit speeds (up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download) and the dedication of the local Whip City Fiber team. From the beginning, as we’ve always done with our electric and natural gas customers, we’ve been committed to providing a reliable  product at competitive pricing along with great service to our residential and commercial customers. To further assist our customers, we’re providing additional technical help for those who want to learn how to save money by “cutting the cord” from cable or satellite providers.

Residential Whip City Fiber customers regularly report paying other providers $200 a month or more for a bundle package that includes television, phone and internet. That’s a significant step up from an “introductory” price which hides activation fees, equipment charges, and a two-year contract.

At $69.95 a month, Whip City Fiber is available at a nation-wide low price for 1,000 Mbps residential internet service. We now offer premier voice over internet home phone service at $12.99 a month (+ taxes and fees) which includes unlimited local and long-distance including calls to Canada and Mexico, call blocking, and many other options. Finally, we’ve created the Whip City Tech Team to offer one-on-one consultations for selecting additional products, such as streaming devices or subscription services to provide favorite TV and movies over the internet. Even when you factor in the cost of a subscription to a streaming service, our customers are saving $100 a month or more and still receiving all the viewing entertainment they desire.

We’re proud to offer a great deal for our commercial services as well. Our standard business offerings are $84.95 and $99.95 a month. Soon we will be launching business phone services and the Whip City Tech Team is available to commercial customers as well. If you’re ready to make the change to local reliable internet service provided by Whip City Fiber, please contact Customer Service at 413-572-0100 to learn more.  

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