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Rehab Resolutions, Inc. New Employee

Rehab Resolutions, Inc. is proud to announce and welcome our new Clinical Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Alex Garlo. He completed his doctorate at American Internal College, focusing on diminishing nerve root pressure and restoration of normal arthrokinematics, including component and joint play motions.

Alex Garlo, DPT utilizes Orthopedic Manual Therapy, of specific hands-on techniques of manipulation/mobilization to diagnose and treat restrictions and dysfunctions to restore normal functions. He proudly attained this knowledge from continuing his studies at the University of St. Augstine.

We are excited to have Alex Garlo, DPT join us at our facility in West Springfield, MA where he is now taking on new patients.

Rehab Resolutions, Inc. founded in 2004, cares about your experience. This practice provides the most modern equipment available and employs an exemplary team of professionals who truly put the care and well-being of the patients as a top priority.

Rehab Resolutions, Inc. Team
1111 Elm Street, Suite 9
West Springfield, MA 01089

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