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Noble Hospital Announces Scheduled Destruction of Old Medical Records

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ regulation for the retention of medical records is 20 years.  Noble Hospital will be destroying records for all patients whose last visit to Noble Hospital was before December 31, 1993. The destruction of these records will take place on March 15, 2013. If you have been a patient between January 1, 1994 and today, your record will be kept in its entirety.

If you would like a copy of your records or if you have questions, please contact Don Wright at 413-572-5156. 

A mailed-in request for a copy of your records may be sent to Noble Hospital, PO Box 1634, Westfield, MA  01086-1634, and must include: the date of your request, your name at the time of the visit, your current name (if different), your date of birth, and your signature. 

Upon receipt of either a phone or mail request, a copy of your inpatient records (face sheet, discharge summary, history, physical, operative report, and emergency room paperwork) that will be destroyed will be copied and sent to you at no charge, along with three years of outpatient records.  There is a charge of $.60 per page for additional copies.  

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