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Al Alves, President
Earth Organics LLC

( Westfield, MA- March 10th, 2020 )

Al and Angie Alves, a husband and wife team from Southwick MA, create a local CBD brand: Earth Organics CBD. For years Angie suffered from Auto-immune Disease; from Lupus, Celiac, IBS to Rheumatoid Arthritis. The medications had little impact on her constant pain and suffering. Two years ago, after discovering CBD, her conditions started to improve dramatically. “ I experienced immediate relief from the first bottle of CBD. My inflammation went down, my pain subsided and I was finally able to sleep again.”

The problem was getting good quality CBD. “ Some bottles of CBD we purchased had much more effect than others” After doing months of research Al Alves found some interesting facts on the industry: Companies buy raw hemp oil from large brokers, who in turn get it from various hemp growers. The source and quality is always different, which leads to inconsistent product.

Some people say CBD doesn’t work for them. the number one reason is inferior quality. Independent researchers have shown that 70% of CBD sold online and at retail tested by independent laboratories, didn’t have the milligrams listed on the label, in fact some didn’t have any CBD. ( )Some companies use Ethanol extraction, to get the CBD from the Hemp plant, because it is the cheapest method. Ethanol Extraction leaves toxic residue on the product.

Earth Organics CBD is sourced from a special strain of Phtytocannabinoid Rich Hemp farmed in Colorado, which has up to 10 times the concentration of CBD than regular industrial hemp. CO2 Extraction is used, although the most expensive way to extract CBD from hemp, it’s the safest and cleanest and leaves no residues. All THC is taken out. All products have a Certificate Of Analyses from independent laboratories, that state the exact quantity of CBD and everything else that is in the product.

Earth Organics CBD, lo

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