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Water Update:

Mayor Sullivan and City Officials met today with Westfield State University to discuss water pressure.The Department of Public Works is actively pursuing permanent solutions to address the lack of pressure due to drought conditions.

 Wells 7 and 8 remain closed due to contaminant concerns. The Granville Reservoir which also supplies the city, is down 12 feet and had to be shut down.  In adjusting the supply chain for the remaining sources, a water main busted. The main has been repaired to a workable level. David Billips, director of public works, said that water pressure is still not elevated to the normal levels and the system is struggling to fill the tank and restore pressure.   The pressure, which dropped following a water main break on North West Road, has caused issues for a number of residents in the northwest section of the city.

“We were hoping the pressure would be up today but it’s still not up where it should be, so it will still be a couple more days,” Billips said. “With the reservoir offline and wells seven and eight off, it’s hard to get the system back up to pressure.”

The Department of Public works will be monitoring the situation over the next few days to make a determination if alternative sources are warranted.  The City will continue to meet with WSU officials to address concerns about the influx of students returning to school on Sunday.  City residents are reminded that there is still a water ban in effect.

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