Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce

“Bikes Around Westfield”, from May 9 through May 16

In conjunction with 2020 Baystate Bike Week–Pioneer Valley, The Friends of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail (FOCGRT) invite you to show that Westfield is a “bike-friendly” community.

One event we are planning is a photo scavenger hunt, “Bikes Around Westfield”, from May 9 through May 16.  Participants will search Westfield looking for bicycles at various locations and submit a photo to the FOCGRT website.  The “bicycle” can be on a piece of merchandise, a print on a window, an actual bicycle, or any bike-themed display that works for you and your establishment.  If you are interested, the only commitment you will have will be to welcome participants and allow them to take a photo of your “bicycle “ during May 9-16, 2020.  This will be a great way to welcome new and past patrons into your establishment.

Donations are being sought for prizes for this event and will be raffled at the conclusion of the game.

To participate as a location and/or to donate a prize please contact us at

This is an exciting time for the Westfield community and the FOCGRT with the completion of the central section of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail in sight!  It is expected that this will increase the flow of visitors into the community and have a positive effect on its establishments.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your participation.

Reenie Hamel, Member At Large
Donna Green, Dir. Of Membership
The Friends of the Columbia Greenway

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