Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce

Beveridge Pavilion at Stanley Park Ends an Era Yet Begins a New One

It is with great sorrow that Jeffrey W. Glaze, President of the Board of Directors of the Stanley Park of Westfield, announces the imminent closing of the venerable Beveridge Pavilion at Stanley Park.  “For safety purposes, neighbors, friends and visitors will be prohibited from entering the area adjacent to this highly respected landmark,” says Glaze.  “While we are saddened that this structure, which has hosted thousands of weddings, banquets, performances and meetings, has succumbed to a serious insect infestation and severe winter damage, it is an opportunity to rebuild an appropriate facility that will take Stanley Park into the next century.  Frank Stanley Beveridge was a neighbor of Stanley Park and built most of the structures we now revere and hold special.  We will ask the community to continue to support the Park as we make plans for the future.  As we move forward, the legacy of Stanley Park will continue to flourish,” he continues.  Glaze urges the public to respect the decision to raze the pavilion and to realize that the safety of our patrons is paramount to the Park.  The demolition of the Beveridge Pavilion will begin as soon as necessary permits are obtained.

“Plans are underway to provide temporary facilities to house this season’s scheduled events. It is our hope that a new structure will be ready for the 2012 season,” reports Robert McKean, managing director at Stanley Park.  If members of the community would like more information, please do not hesitate to call the Park at 413-568-9312, ext. 102 or 413-572-2900.

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