Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce


The Community of Westfield is invited to join Mayor Brian P. Sullivan and The Friends of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail at the 10th Annual Mayor’s Bike Ride on Monday May 13th at 5:30 p.m. “Come experience a different perspective of Westfield, along the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail, and see a unique side of our city”, invites Mayor Sullivan.

The ride will leave City Hall parking lot, take a left on Court St., a right onto Broad St., a left onto Silver St. to the entrance of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail (CGRT).  The ride will proceed north along the CGRT to the ramp at the Stop & Shop, take a quick left onto Main St, followed by a quick right onto Elm St and continue down to the Columbia Greenway North Section.  The ride will be accompanied by Westfield Police Officers.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place celebrating the completion of The Columbia Greenway North Bridge. The ride will then continue back to City Hall.

Short demonstrations on the “How To’s” of loading and unloading bikes on and off  a PVTA bus will take place between 4:30-5:30 in the City Hall Parking Lot.

Ride for fun, ride for health, ride to experience the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail in its present state, and see its future.  Westfield is celebrating its 350th birthday, CAN WE GET 350 RIDERS?

This event is one of many bike related events planned throughout the state recognizing MA Bike Week.


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