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Meet Fast Track to College

Fast Track to College

Why did you start your business?
In my first career as a health care clinical and compliance consultant, I met many bright young people who did not have the information and support needed to explore their aptitudes, choose the right high school courses and find a fit (and finances) for training and education post high school. College admission is very competitive now, yet most people will need some kind of post high school training or education after high school. I was surprised to learn that only 40% of entering college freshman obtain a college degree in 6 years! I wanted to be a part of doing something to change this alarming statistic.

How does your business give back to the community?
I hope to support high school students and adults (veterans also) in achieving a high level of success in life after high school. I believe Fast Track's academic advisors have invaluable knowledge and experience at the university level to guide and motivate students towards achieving their individual goals and expanding their world view using student-centered approaches.

Why did you join the Chamber?
I joined the chamber to become part of the Westfield Education to Business Alliance and to let people know about these services in the Westfield/Southwick area where I live.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I am a retired RN clinician who wants to do something meaningful in my retirement. I owned & managed a health care consulting business for 20+ years prior to retirement in 2016.
I am a member of the WE2BA and a Westfield Public School Volunteer.

Do you have an offer for other Chamber Members?
Yes. Fast Track's individual hourly rates are $75.00 for testing, training & hands-on support.
We will provide services to Westfield Chamber members for $45.00/hour.
Our Boot Camps are 3 hours long with a maximum of 10 students and are $275.00. We will offer these boot camps to Chamber groups for $200.00 and less if the business provides the space.

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