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Nutritional Seminar (for pets)


Does your pet suffer from any of the following: dry, itchy skin, allergies, excessive shedding, prone to ear infections, a fussy eater, does he poop a lot? These are many issues that pet owners deal with and this lecture can help you resolve those issues. The key to dog/cat longevity and good health is proper nutrition. It is the foundation for all of your dogs/cats biological functions including healthy growth, proper organ function and healing. It can be challenging to understand the information provided on pet food labels, and furthermore knowing what is and is not necessary in the vital canine/feline diet. This lecture on clinical nutrition will teach you the dietary needs of your dog and cat to help you make educated nutritional choices. We welcome Dr. Brian Wessels, who will de-mystify the dietary needs of our beloved pet dogs/cats, as well as explain the ins and outs of label reading. He will provide us with a physiological interpretation of the nutritional needs of our pets, and explain the pathologies created when those needs are not met. This seminar is exceptionally valuable to any dog or cat breeders, veterinarians and staff, dog trainers and of course anyone owning or planning to own a pet dog or cat. Seating is limited and is on a first come first served basis. Please contact the store to reserve your seat.

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