Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce

2016 Committees

Ambassador Club and Membership Committee

3rd Wednesday of the Month, The Ranch Golf Club, 65 Sunnyside Road, Southwick, MA I 4:45 PM.

Chair: Kim Betts, Membership   Dino Gravanis and Anne Woodson, Co-Chairs Ambassador
Members: Susan Allen   Kenneth Collins
  Filipe J. Cravo   Laurie Davison
  Walter Drenan   Andrea Gauvin
  Dan McKellick   James Williamson

Business & Community Affairs Committee

4th Thursday of the month | Annino Draper & Moore , 75 Broad Street | 8:00 am

Chair: Dan Burack    
Members: Dave Flaherty   Jay Kline
  Cindy Lacoste   Kevin O'Connor
  William Parks    

Events Committee

1st Wednesday of the month | Air Compressor Engineering | 9:00 am

Chair: Dawn Thomas    
Members: Tori Arbano   Christina Beeke
  Vince Carbone   Crystal J. Childs
  Lt. Col. Brenda Hendricksen   Russ Klaubert
  Cathy Langlois   Mark Morin
  Mark Perez   Anja Paier
  Kasie Provencal   Karen Webb

Marketing Committee

1st Wednesday of the month | Changes Monthly | 12:00 noon

Chair:                 Crystal J. Childs

Members:        Bob Burch

                             Kevin O'Connor
                             Scott Pierson

Nominating Committee

No scheduled monthly meeting.

Chair: Kevin O'Connor    
Members: Andrea Allard   Dawn Thomas
  Anne Woodson